Oh! I weep
Oh! I am sad
It burns my heart
For I am
bleeding profusely
Where is the pen?

I was the students weapon
Always in their pockets and bags
Swinging and ready to be use
I was their arrow like in the hands
Of a warrior
Where is the pen?

I used to be their working tool
I used to be their friend
Always with them in the classroom
Not anymore
Me in their hands they have no fuss
Not anymore
Where is the pen?

I bleed for they no longer value me
I am pained for i am abandoned
They go to school without me
Does a farmer go to farm without a hoe ?

Hence they have their phones instead of me
Where is the pen?

I have been neglected
Under unruly sun
I melt in misery
Where is the pen?

Why have thou thrown me away
I was once valued
The old used me
Why pushing the young away from me
Where is the pen?

Give the young a pen
Not a phone
Give them a pen
Not a laptop
For I was made for them
Where is the pen?

I cry
I weep
I bleed
Who will pick me
Where am i?

Oh! Nation
I am not for fancy
I was made for the students and for all
Pick me up and give it to them
Not the phone
Not the laptop
I beg for help
Help help.
Written By Blessing 200 Level student of RSU.

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